ASRC Federal Holding Company Network Engineer - GOES-R Ground Segment in Suitland, Maryland

ASRC Federal Space and Defense (AS&D) brings a 15-year history of delivering high-performance space systems engineering, integration and satellite operations services to civil and defense agencies. AS&D provides these services throughout all phases of the program life cycle and across the entire space systems architecture, including space and ground assets.

We are seeking a Network Engineer for the GOES-R satellite enterprise in Suitland, MD.

Within the Enterprise Management Operations Controller team, this individual will be responsible to focus on the network facets of the GOES-R Ground Segment.


  • Develop, manage and maintain Nominal Network data flow baseline for all Ground Segment data flows

  • Understand how these flows affect operational baseline and mission support

  • Determine usage profile (utilizing Netflow, MRTG, Wireshark Probes)

  • Document baseline results for reference (extremely useful for troubleshooting to know what is not nominal)

  • Help evaluate and refine end-to-end Network QOS settings

  • Network Trending

  • Use existing tools (MRGT, Netflow, Wireshark, TIP, Splunk) to proactively look for areas of concerns Develop or adapt scripts (Python, PERL) to monitor/trend select parameters of concern to help with troubleshooting

  • Investigate potential concerns, escalating as necessary to address

  • If new Network issues are encountered, look at historical trending data to see if a problem signature can be identified to detect in future

  • If new problem signatures are identified, request/facilitate updates to EM to alert Operators

  • Perform proactive VPN, LZSS, (and other GSP Edge Services) performance monitoring

  • Monitor and analyze daily/routine Dropped Data, DO, and other reports to look for issues or trend

  • Network Troubleshooting

  • Participate or Lead Extended Troubleshooting of Critical Issues Characterize Symptoms

  • Working with Impacted Users, Site Maintenance Team, GSP, MOST/GSE, and Factory Network SMEs

  • Majority of routine issues expected to be handled by Peraton Site Maintenance Team, with support as required by FactoryGather Data

  • Manage / Collect / Consolidate Network Troubleshooting data and artifacts for current utilization and future reference

  • Build issues knowledge base, cross-referencing WRs, SRs, Vendor Tickets, and other data/artifacts

  • Support LZSS & VPN Troubleshooting, track issues, facilitate cross-organization troubleshooting

  • Network ToolsSupport EI ITCOs, including coordination, network testing and WR checkout

  • Gain familiarity and expertise in Network Troubleshooting Tools (Netflow, MRTG, Wireshark Probes, Splunk, iPerf); provide advice and support to other users (e.g. EMOCs, Ground Engineers, GSP Network) to help them use or provide relevant data from these tools.

  • Provide feedback and recommendations for improvements for the capabilities and configurations of existing tools, using existing process (e.g. WRs, SRs, etc.)

Bachelor's degree plus 5-7 years relevant work experience

  • Cisco and Juniper network equipment and tools

  • Network analysis with, but not limited to, the following tools: MRTG, Wireshark, Splunk, ELK, iPerf

  • Network diagramming tools

  • Under pressure debugging and problem resolution

  • Excellent communication

ASRC Federal and its Subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employers. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or protected veteran status.


Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled